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Chinese medicine practice for TCM

Nicolas Petit

Elisabethenstrasse 41 | 4051 Basel

Nicolas Petit | TCM Praxis Basel |

Nicolas Petit
Naturopath with federal diploma in TCM

With over 20 years of enthusiasm I offer holistic medical treatments to support your physical and mental balance.

My areas of expertise

I offer the whole range of treatments of Chinese medicine: TuiNa, nutrition, acupuncture and phytotherapy, but also cupping, moxibustion and Gua-Sha.


Indications of TCM

As an alternative medicine, TCM has a lot to offer.

patient opinions

“I would highly recommend a visit to this practice.
A few months ago, I went to Mr. Petit for treatment for the first time with various complaints (including lack of energy, drive problems, breathing and menstrual problems). Within a few months I was able to feel an extreme improvement in all areas and thus in my general condition."


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