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Female and male infertility

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Female and male infertility and TCM

for man and woman

Reproductive medicine: for women

The possibilities to support a woman's fertility are clearly given in Chinese medicine.

As soon as everything is organically in order, Chinese medicine, and especially its herbal medicine, can achieve and make a lot possible.

An in-depth anamnesis enables a very precise diagnosis. An aid to diagnosis here is, for example, the basal body temperature curve. In the course of the treatment it can be determined how this curve changes and is regulated.


The following aspects of fertility can be regulated with Chinese medicine:

• hormone balance

• Sufficient structure of the endometrium

• Follicle maturation

• Polycystic ovary syndrome

• ovulation

• implantation

Reproductive medicine: for men

When a couple experiences an unfulfilled desire to have children, the role and treatment of the man is too often neglected. The semen analysis provides useful information about sperm quality.

Regardless of whether there are too few sperm (oligozoospermia), a lack of mobility (asthenozoospermia) or too many defective sperm, Chinese medicine offers successful treatment options.

Chinese phytotherapy usually brings about a significant improvement in sperm quality after only 2-3 months of inert use.

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