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headache, dizziness

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Treating headaches with TCM

Headaches, migraines, dizziness, tinnitus
and Meniere's disease

headache, dizziness

These symptoms can have a major impact on everyday life. Chinese medicine offers many different treatment options for this.


Tinnitus "ringing in the ears" is noise that the person perceives without external sources making the sound.

These noises can and will be diverse:
e.g. as:

  • shrill whistle,

  • rushing water

  • or low hum described.

Tinnitus can be unilateral or bilateral.


If no organic causes can be found for the tinnitus, which is very often the case, Chinese medicine has a lot to offer to alleviate the tinnitus.


The earlier treatment is started, the better the chances of success. The best results are achieved when treatment is started within six months of the onset of tinnitus.

Chinese medicine differentiates between various causes and diagnoses in order to properly treat tinnitus. The treatment options are correspondingly diverse.

Meniere's disease

In Meniere's disease, where the Triassic Tinnitus, rotary vertigo and hearing loss, Chinese medicine also offers good options. A holistic diagnosis enables the cause of the symptoms to be defined and treated accordingly.

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