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Hay fever, allergies

Heuschnupfen und Allergie | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit |

Treatment of allergy and cough
with TCM

Hay fever, allergies, chronic bronchitis
or cough

Hay fever

Chinese medicine is for the treatment ofhay fever already known.

It doesn't matter which allergen you're allergic to. Rather, the focus is on giving the body the ability to absorb and tolerate external influences better.

As with many complaints, the overall appearance of the patient is decisive.

Hay fever can be alleviated by taking a holistic approach.

A distinction is made here between:

The acute phase(often in spring) where the symptoms appear and the discomfort needs to be relieved within a short period of time.

The 4 monthsbefore the symptoms appear. This time is ideal for preventive treatment.


cough kcan have different causes. A dry cough is distinguished from a cough with sputum. Cough can also be associated with asthma, or with exhaustion.

Depending on the symptoms, the treatment for cough, shortness of breath or asthma depends on the symptoms and the constitution of the patient.

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