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pregnancy support

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Accompanying the pregnancy with TCM

Birth preparation, strengthening during the confinement

Fetal position, breech presentation

Turning the child into the correct position is a process that takes energy.


Chinese medicine is known for treating breech presentations using moxibustion. This is a simple technique that can be learned and then practiced daily at home.

Treatment should begin at 34 or 35 weeks gestation for the best chance of success. Many studies have examined this treatment method and rated it with very good success rates.

childbirth preparation

Acupuncture is good preparation for childbirth.

  • It shortens the time of birth

  • It activates the maturation process of the cervix

  • It reduces any stress and promotes relaxation

The treatments are recommended from the 36th week of pregnancy and are carried out with a few needles.

labor induction

If the child is not born after the calculated, theoretical date, acupuncture is a very helpful and gentle method to start the birth.


Postnatal strengthening

The phase after the birth is important for the child, but also for the mother.


In Chinese medicine, special attention is paid to the mother during the first month after birth.

This month will"golden month"called.

Moxibustion, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help women a lot during this important time in terms of tiredness, night sweats, baby blues, etc.

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