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TCM treatment methods

Jing-Mai Praxis | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit | | Basel

I treat with the whole range of TCM methods

Tuina Massage
Tuina Massage | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit | | Basel

Tuina massage

This therapeutic massage takes a holistic approach that allows you to see and treat tension in a more comprehensive context, strengthen the energy channels and eliminate pathogenic factors.
For this massage, the patient remains clothed and is covered with a towel.

Akupunktur | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit | www.jing-mai.chakupunktur


For acupuncture, sterile and particularly thin needles are placed in very special places.
Acupuncture makes it possible to harmonize the meridians: pathogens are drained and the patient's energy can be strengthened. Acupuncture affects both the body and the psyche.

Chinesische Heilkräuter | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit |

Chinese medicinal herbs

Only strictly controlled medicines are used for Chinese phytotherapy.
Phytotherapy is the form of therapy in Chinese medicine that is most commonly used in China. Die  Phytotherapy is easy to take, so the patient can do something for themselves several times a day.

Schröpfbehandlung | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit |


Cupping is a time-tested treatment technique used in all ancient medical systems. It allows, for example, to eliminate pathogenic factors in a short time, move the blood and calm the mind.

Moxa oder Moxibustion | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit |


This treatment method is actually part of acupuncture. Using mugwort, Artemisia, heat is added to special areas, which the patient finds very pleasant. Thus, pathogenic factors can be eliminated, energy can be boosted, and the added heat can support the body's overall metabolism.

Ernährung | TCM Praxis Basel | Nicolas Petit |


Chinese medicine attaches great importance to a suitable diet. Food is our daily fuel.

In the past, a lot of time was invested in good nutrition. Body and psyche clearly benefit from it.

The Chinese dietetic theory addresses the current complaints and the constitution of the patient and can thus achieve a great deal.

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