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About me

Nicholas Petit

Born in Paris. Resident in Basel since 2008.
Grown up bilingual: DE/FR.
Married. Father of two children.

I have been interested in Chinese medicine for over 20 years. Before that, I studied engineering and business administration and worked for international companies for eight years.

Education & Certifications

Naturopath with swiss federal diploma in TCM
Specialization TuiNa, acupuncture and Chinese medicinal therapy

Chinese medicinal herbal therapy
Chinese Healing Arts, Winterthur

Acupuncture, Tuina massage, Schlumedizin
Bio Medica Basel

TCM internship
Shanghai, Nanjing, China

Traditional Chinese Medicine
IMTC, Paris, France

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Continuing education

Further training and internship with Prof. Dr. zhou
in the field of reproductive medicine / gynecology (Nanjing, China)

Acupuncture according to Master Tung

In-depth pulse diagnosis according to Shen-Hammer

Studying the classic text "Jin Guì Yào Lùe" (金匱要略)

Acupuncture according to Master Tan

Studying the Classical Text "Shang Hán Lùn" (傷寒論)

The families of Chinese medicines according to Dr. Huang Huang (Nanjing, China)

The meridian diagnosis according to Dr. Wang Ju Yi (Beijing, China)

Internship in Paris, Geneva, Strasbourg, Basel and Zurich

My involvement in TCM

From 2019: Founding and management of the TCM Schule Basel.

2010-2019: Responsible for the Chinese Medicine department at the Bio-Medica School (Basel)

2013: Writing the book "TuiNa-Essenz" with Ching Gebauer, Bio-Medica-Basel Verlag

2010: Opening of the Jing-Mai TCM practice

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