Nicolas Petit

Qualified TCM-practitioner and teacher

Born in Paris and living in Basel since 2008.
Member of: SBO-TCM, BSG-TCM.

Responsable for the department "Traditional Chinese Medicine" at the school Bio-Medica (Basel).

Diplomas in TCM :

  • Acupuncture (Bio-Medica, Basel).
  • Chinese Pharmacopeia (Chinese Healing Arts, Winterthur).
  • Tuina-Massage (Bio-Medica, Basel).
  • Western Medicine (Bio-Medica, Basel).
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (I.M.T.C., Paris).
  • Internship in a hospital (Shanghai, China).

Ongoing eduction : acupuncture according to Master Tung, acupuncture according to Master Tan, the families in herbal medicine according to Dr. Huang Huang, channel-diagnosis according to Dr. Wang Ju Yi...

I have been studying Chinese Medicine for more than ten years. Previously I graduated in engineering and have been working for eight years for international companies.

Photo Nicolas Petit